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Becoming a Pet Therapy Team

Would you like to become the “human” part of a Pet Therapy Team but don’t know how or
where to start? We can help.

Does your animal already know the basic sit, stay, and down commands? Does your animal
know how to loose leash walk? If so, you’ve already started.

Minimum Requirements:

• Handlers must be 18 years of age and hold a current state issued fingerprint clearance card.
• Your animal must be at least one year of age and have lived with you, the potential handler, for at least 8 months.
• Your animal must be reliably potty trained. With the exception of horses and goats.
• Your animal must be up-to-date on all vaccines.
• Qualified animal: Dogs – cats – mini horses – pigs – birds – rabbits – guinea pigs – goats

Are you looking to get your dog to be a registered therapy dog?

We highly recommend you check out Mak Pack. Spencer has a thorough understanding of dog behavior and will help you and your dog be the best therapy team you can be. When you are looking at becoming a therapy team, it is essential that your dog not just “sit,” “stay,” or “leave it” but have therapy dog behavior. We are confident that after completing Spencer’s classes, you and your dog will be ready for therapy work in all settings.

I have completed the training classes, now what?  

 Pawsitive Friendships offers a unique opportunity for Therapy Animals, depending on where you wish to volunteer.

If you ONLY want to volunteer with Pawsitive Friendships, there is no need to complete an additional evaluation if you have completed your training courses with Spencer at Mak Pack.

Suppose you wish to volunteer with your dog at other facilities (hospital, assisted living, libraries). In that case, we suggest you visit, www.TherapyDogs.com also known as Alliance of Therapy Dogs, to complete your evaluation. Once your assessment is complete, you will be able to volunteer with Pawsitive Friendships and other organizations.

Have a mini horse, alpaca, goat, pig, bunny, bird, or cat you would like to volunteer with. Please contact Tosha@pawsitivefriendships.org to learn more information.