Storytime with Therapy Animals

Welcome to “Storytime.” Because of the recent pandemic, we had to suspend our in-person Animal Assisted Therapy sessions and were only able to conduct a paw-ful of teletherapy sessions.
Knowing the impact this sudden change would have on the special needs’ community, our founder, Tosha, opted to fill the gap by reading a book series by Julia Cook. She chose this particular series because its message stays true to Pawsitive Friendships’ goal of focusing on social and emotional development as well as on executive functioning.
The author’s easily accessible and entertaining style covers a range of topics including responsibility, making friends and dealing with anxiety. A bonus feature? We have added some of our therapy teams to our “sessions” in the hopes of providing our young audience with a sense of continuity and reassurance.
We hope you enjoy “experiencing” the books as much as we enjoy reading them!