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Our Therapy

Our therapy dogs, cats, birds, horses, and pigs provide the encouragement that kids need; especially children with special needs who are not engaging, complying, or progressing in a traditional therapy session. 

We help children achieve their individual therapy goals by working with specially trained pets and partnering with clinics and schools.


Why Animal Therapy Works


  • Motor Skills
  • Verbal Communication
  • Executive Function

  • Social Skills
  • Focus
  • Self-Esteem

  • Anxiety
  • Negative Behavior
  • Impulsive Behavior


When working with my son, who was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, I was
Stunned that he started thriving when doing his therapy exercises with our dog, Zoe, a French Bulldog.

With Zoe by his side, he started achieving therapy goals like never before. Pet therapy then became my passion as I realized it was a tool to help my child succeed

I realized that if my child can smile, enjoy therapy, and build his confidence – all with the help of a pet –  that there must be other mothers and fathers who would love for their child to be given that same opportunity


-Tosha Tharp, Founder, Pawsitive Friendships

Get Involved

It is my desire to provide an avenue for individuals to help others in such a way that not only is the recipient grateful, but the volunteer is grateful for the experience. When I founded Pawsitive Friendships in 2014, I knew I could not be master of ALL. I began to reach out to individuals for assistance. Since then, I have been very blessed to have so many people willing to offer their expertise and time to our organization. Not every volunteer is a Pet Therapy Team and not every volunteer is seen, but EVERY volunteer plays an important role in making our organization successful.

Consider volunteering . . .  you never know how much of an impact you can make!


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